Car Buying

I’m trying to sell a car. If I sell it, it will be the fifth car I’ve sold which is a pretty good sales record for someone who knows nothing about cars. Sales in general are shady business and car sales are the shadiest. I don’t mean any disrespect to car salespeople, including my brother […]

Valentine’s Day Musings

Another Valentine’s Day is behind us and men everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief. I got tulips from Gelson’s and chocolates from Hawaii. All in all, a lovely day. Traditionally, that’s the kind of holiday Valentine’s Day is supposed to be: flowers or candy and a card, just like we learned in elementary school. […]

Year of the Ox

Bye-bye 2020. Bye-bye Year of the Rat. 2021 is Year of the Ox. Year of the Ox refers to year 4719 of the Chinese calendar; a solar/lunar system that repeats every 60 years instead of running off into infinity the way most Westerners do. Used mainly by Asian party planners and fortune-tellers to portend auspicious […]

Ode to Holiday Shoppers

The holiday shopping season isn’t quite the same during the pandemic. Sure, it’s fun to have packages arrive at the door daily, but it lacks some of the magic that happens when we interact with strangers. Here’s a short essay I wrote a long while back about that. If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably […]


Back in January 2018, President Trump asked members of the House and Senate,  “Why do we want all these people from ‘shithole countries’ coming here?” This is a short satirical essay I wrote back then in response to that comment. Do not send me comments. It’s satire. _____________ It’s about time this whole shithole thing […]

3 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is harder than ever these days, mostly because nothing seems worth doing anymore. By that, I mean, everything seems worth doing until you actually do it and see it for what it’s worth. If that makes no sense, don’t worry. Neither does anything else these days. That’s why staying motivated is harder than […]

August is Back to School Month

We have a front door and in front of that, a heavy screen door that locks with a bolt. Most days we have the front door open. This allows for a nice flow of air through the screen door, except in the summer when we would really appreciate it. I don’t know much about air […]

Packing List

I’m off to Hawaii tomorrow. You know what that means. It’s time to start packing. Well, not exactly yet. I still have the rest of the day. For now, there are too many other things to do, like begin my swimsuit exercise regimen. I’m a little late on this, I know, but I figure if […]