3 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated

3 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is harder than ever these days, mostly because nothing seems worth doing anymore. By that, I mean, everything seems worth doing until you actually do it and see it for what it’s worth. If that makes no sense, don’t worry. Neither does anything else these days. That’s why staying motivated is harder than ever.

In the olden days, think before the wheel, staying motivated was no piece of cake either. In fact, in the whole history of time, man has done very little he wasn’t forced to do. Be it the search for food, exercising, or taking out the trash, man has found little reason to act unless a woman is nagging him to do it. For the record, women would be just as happy putting up their feet versus making dinner for a family of five. If it were completely up to us, we’d eat a lot more grilled cheese sandwiches too, which can easily pass for dinner because they require a pan for cooking and are served hot.

To that end, here are three easy steps to stay motivated.

1. Spend more time online. The vast and easily hackable web is full of at-your-fingertips motivation with blog posts like, “500 Easy Ways to Prepare Quinoa and Look Sexy Doing it” and “How to Clean Out your Closet like a Kardashian and Build Your Gluteus Maximus at the Same Time.” No time to stay in shape. No problem. Blog pictures abound of motivated people doing every kind of exercise from lifting weights while sitting in the dentist chair to doing butt squeezes while ordering fast food. Go ahead, subscribe. And keep searching. You will always learn something sitting at your computer and that will motivate you to sit there and learn more.

2. Choose your friends wisely. I don’t mean the people you invite to your birthday party if anybody still does that anymore. I mean the people you friend on social media. Remember, more is always better because when it comes to feeling motivated, numbers matter. Being motivated to do things requires encouragement and lots of likes and thumbs up, and who do you think is going to give you those? People you actually know? No. People you actually know are always measuring what they have to do based upon what other people they know are doing. That’s why people you know aren’t that encouraging. If you do something, then we all have to do something or risk looking bad. But on social media, all you have to do is appear to be doing something, and let’s be real, being on social media is doing something. So be on it, friend, and friend everybody.

3. Take a stand. Staying motivated is hard when you just squishy-squash your way through life which is how most people live. It’s not a fault. It’s an actual proven survival method. So squishy-squash your way through life, for sure, but take a stand everywhere else, like in online comments. What you say is important, and the more emphatic and hard-lined you can be, the better. When you take a strong stand online, you will naturally be motivated to defend that stand with words, MANY OF THEM IN CAPS SO PEOPLE HEAR YOU AND KNOW YOU’RE SERIOUS AND MOTIVATED. And don’t forget exclamation points! They! Are! Very! Motivating!!!