Cabardoodle is comedy cabaret hosted by Lisa Pedace that features cabaret numbers, comedy, music, games and more. No two shows are alike and every one is different. Come experience one for yourself!


Past Performances

December 27, 2019: San Diego, CA, White Elephant Cabardoole, The Comedy Palace

September 21, 2019 :  Flagstaff, AZ,  Oktoberfest Cabardoodle Big Pine Comedy Festival 

September 14, 2019: San Diego, CA, Oktoberfest Cabardoodle The Comedy Palace

August 10, 2019:  San Diego, CA, Beach Blanket Bingo Cabardoodle, The Comedy Palace

June 1, 2019: San Diego, CA, Tiki Summer Kick-Off, The Comedy Palace

March 30, 2019: San Diego, CA, Spring Fling Cabardoodle, The Comedy Palace

December 8, 2018: San Diego, CA, Holiday Cabardoodle, The Comedy Palace

October 27, 2018: San Diego, CA, Halloween Cabardoodle, The Comedy Palace