Who Moved My Chi?

Don’t Be Stressed. Be Refreshed!

Let’s face it—these are stressful times. You can tell by the amount of people honking. And living with stress seems to be the new status-quo.

The result is a disengaged, stressed-out, unhappy workforce that has one foot out the door.

But chronic stress doesn’t have to be a way of life. And when you consider the cost to employers, not to mention the toll chronic stress takes on our minds and bodies, it shouldn’t be.

This entertaining program will equip your attendees with strategies they can use immediately to make them feel better, be better and perform better. Attendees will learn:

How to relax quickly
How to be more mindful
How to manage unexpected change and go with the flow
How to rebound from setbacks and reset expectations
How to be happier and appreciate the true power we have to make an impact