According to the American Psychological Association, job pressure is the #1 cause of stress in the United States. Funny motivational speaker Lisa Pedace can help your team lighten up and manage stress better with one of her entertaining programs.

Stress by the Numbers

1 %

Percent of people who regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress

1 %

Percent who say stress has a negative impact on their personal and professional life.

1 %

Percent who say they are “always” or “often” under stress at work.

Keynote Topics

Reboot Your Brain

According to the CCL, up to 75 percent of careers are derailed for reasons related to emotional competencies.

How we think and feel, in our minds and in our bodies, affects everything, including dinner.

Reboot Your Brain is the perfect keynote to get your attendees keyed in on performing at their best.

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Comedian and Speaker Lisa Pedace

Who Moved My Chi?

Healthcare, education and service industries are among the most stressful jobs in America.

In addition to impacting job performance, stress can also trigger a range of physical and mental health symptoms.

Who Moved My Chi? is the perfect keynote to help your attendees get excited again about the important work they do.

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Why hire a funny speaker? According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter can lighten your load mentally, as well as stimulate your heart, lungs and muscles. Over the long term, laughter may improve your immune system, plus make you happier and help you connect with other people. What better way to start or end your event?

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Stress by the Dollars

$ 1

Annual costs to employers in stress related health care and missed work.

All of Lisa’s presentations are customized to address the challenges and stressors of your organization. Full of humor and useful takeaways, they will energize your attendees and get them ready and excited to engage in what’s next.

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