Funny Speaker

Comedian and Funny Keynoter Lisa Pedace


Keynote Topics

Managing Our Stress with R.E.L.A.X.
“We want to go through life filled with graditude and wonder, not stressed out and miserable. Otherwise we miss too much.”
Let’s face it, these are stressful times. I can tell by the amount of people honking at me. In this hilarious talk, I share some easy techniques to laugh more, relax faster and stress less, RIGHT NOW! Whether your event is just beginning or wrapping up, this keynote will set the perfect tone for staying relaxed and making the most of each moment.

Being Our Best
“Every moment is an opportunity to be our most authentic self. Hey, here’s another one!”
Attitude is everything. It doesn’t hurt if you look sharp too. In this laugh-out-loud presentation, I share some well-known secrets for personal and professional success. None of them are even hard, but they do require this secret sauce. When you combine well-known secrets with secret sauce, watch out world!

Changing Our Thinking
“If you think you can, you’re right. If you think you can’t, guess what? You’re also right. The good news is, you’re always right.”
Some people love to be right, but NOBODY wants to be wrong. Have no fear. When it comes to what you think about what’s possible for you, you never are. In this gut-busting spectacular, I share my own experience with limiting beliefs and how to overcome them so we can all be the giants we were born to be.

Making a Difference
“Thank you for calling Customer Service. I can help.” Thank you, I feel better already.
When it comes to Customer Service, everyone’s an expert. Especially if they’re your customer, so you better be paying attention. In this talk, I touch on the most important elements of customer service, and why being in customer service is the best job ever!

What Clients are Saying

“Awesome and easy to work with.”  JJ V. – Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert

“She is amazing and everyone really enjoyed her.”  Mary W. – Health Care Professional

“I recommend her without any hesitation.”  Parisa A – VP of Programs, Project Managers

“Terrific delivery.”   Peter R. – Marketing Executive